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Tumblr vs. Blogspot - Why Tumblr is Better

One of the common battles on the internet to date is: tumblr vs. blogspot.  Blogspot has been around since the dawn of time, but quite frankly all of my friends that blog use tumblr with the exception of this one girl.

I am going to be sharing how Tumblr is better by using facts.  You can’t deny facts.


Tumblr - Has a cleaner, simplier, and more user-friendly interface
Blogspot - Has a ton widgets and settings you have to tinker to get the look you want


Tumblr - is much more social, allowing you to like, rebload, and quote other people in an organized fashion.  It also integrates with Twitter.  Very Nice.
Blogspot - hard to make public because it doesn’t integrate with Twitter very easily

Age and Usage

Tumblr - used by 89% people 25 and younger
Blogspot - used by 21% people 25 and younger

My personal opinion of Blogspot from an unbiased perspective.

Before you say that I haven’t used Blogspot before, I have.  I used it for an entire year before Tumblr came out.  Tumblr has all of the things I wished Blogspot had, and more.  Tumblr integrates with my Twitter, Facebook, and Website all with the simple ease of their client.  Blogspot integrates with Google and not many people use Google for social networking.

I find that Blogspot has way too many settings to configure before you begin blogging.  With Tumblr, you can get blogging right away, and then configure you page last.  It makes it a ton easier, because 99% of the time a person wants to immediately post after making their blog.  People are entitled to their opinion, but you can’t argue the facts.  Tumblr is currently defeating blogspot.

Now…Blogspot or Tumblr?

"foursquare" | The Ultimate Stalker App

foursquare is an app that is developed by foursquare that is in the Apple App Store.  The app consists around social networking by “checking-in” to places that you go, gaining points for every check in.  You can gain a “mayorship” if you go to a place very often.  The more points you earn badges.  Every seven days, you compete against your friends to see which person can gain the most points.

I personally have only had this app for a matter of two days and I love the way this app works.  It is more difficult to work this app and get more points if you can’t drive, but it is quite fun.  I recommend it to anybody because it is free, and fun to join in.

I am currently mayor of my Home’s pantry, and my school.  Marvelous



Crimson and the Good Life

Well, as an Alabama fan, I must write this blog to comment about the ups and downs of this years schedule for the team in Crimson.  We had an overall solid season with a few blemishes on our palette, but I am proud of this football team.  Every team we faced this year did not go down without a fight, and I would like to give a thank you for not making it easy for our team.  It really helped show what our team is really made of.

I am proud of how Trent Richardson stepped up as a leader on offense, and Dont’A Hightower on defense.  But most of all, I am proud of how AJ McCarron stepped into the role of the starting spot for Alabama.  He is only a redshirt sophmore, so it will be really interesting to see how develops as a player for this football team.

With a season going 11-1, LSU is our only blemish.  We have stayed in the contention for the BCS National Championship because Boise State and Oklahoma State lost.  Both of those teams had a great year and I would like to give them props.

Alabama, I would like to thank you for an entertaining season.  I have never felt more honored to watch your games.  I don’t want to be one of those biased fans that doesn’t listen to anything good about other teams, or try to deny that there are good things about them.  They all played great seasons.

I sure hope we make it to #2 tonight in the BCS Countdown!


Under the Sun

I am new to this blogging business, by no means am I gallant at it, but I love to speak my mind.  This blog is going to consist every Under the Sun.  Before I get this blog up and going, I guess I need to share some details about this intricate personality of mine.

I love Jesus.  Baptist to be exact.  No questions asked.  He is the run of my life, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.  I love music, and making it for that matter.  I make electro-synth pop music.  My favorite artist is Adam Young’s project, Owl City.  Don’t judge.  Adam is awesome because he creates all of his songs himself, which is pretty spectacular if you ask me.

I love to play baseball as well, pitcher is the position.  I like to tweet, even though it probably the most useless thing technology has ever invented.  @jBauden is the name.  Stalk me.  I dare you.

Anyway, I gotta run, but this is where I will now establish my thoughts.  On the internet.  This is going to be fun.

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